Tuesday, March 25, 2014



*Started off with getting a fun new toy!
*And of course more selfies from the babysitter! :)

 *She started sitting up more but still fell over quite often.
*She eats great and has no issues with any foods so far!
*Got her very first pony this month and LOVES it! And so do it.  It keeps her hair out of her face all day and she is super stinking cute wearing it too!

*She also went through a phase where she wasn't sleeping super well which means neither was I.  She would wake up multiple times a night.  It was right around the same time that I would find her in different positions than when I put her down at night.  She finally has mastered rolling around during sleep.  I think she was also hitting her head against the side of the crib because I would find her like in the picture below....surely that can not feel good.

*She also turned 6 months old!   Holy smokes.  Seems like yesterday....
*Once she found out that she can roll over while sleeping, she learned that she doesn't really like to lay on her back anymore.  She is definitely a belly and side sleeper.  I love seeing a sleeping baby...
*She sat in her first high chair at a restaurant.  Lasted about 5 minutes and then she was in mine and dads arms the rest of the night.  Sooner or later, she will really like it...
*This was a rough month for her.  She got her very first real sickness.  They thought she had the flu.  Had a temp of 103.5.  Scared me to death.  She was sick for a few days then started feeling better than got hit with a different virus.  This time came the stomach bug.  Wasn't eating.  Throwing up.  Drank only pedialyte for a day straight.  Got over everything within 8 days but that felt like a lifetime.  I really wish I could have been sick and not her.  She hated bath time, didn't smile....she just definitely was not herself.  So glad that is over and her immunity is stronger!  Here is a during sickness picure (after a bath but with a temp so she was freezing) and an after picture (first time I had seen her smile in about a week)

*I am completely done nursing now.
*Size 2 diapers still.
*Has had a few cases of stranger danger but not much at all.  Still loves most everyone!
*LOVES peek-a-boo
*Prefers one book but I could read it over and over and she could care less.

My baby is growing!

Naomi's first road trip and Christmas!

So we went down to Florida this year for Christmas to spend Christmas and New Years with Jonny's sister, Emily, and family, his brother, Dave and wife Cassie, and Jonny's parents.  I always love visiting family!  It's organized chaos but memories are always made.  This year we went to the beach, toured the caverns, went to Seaside (where "The Truman Show" was filmed), made desserts, played games, played football, went shopping, sewed, got hair cuts, did fireworks, saw the movie "Frozen" and laid around the house.  It was definitely a successful 10 days!

Here are just a few of the pictures from the trip.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful family.  Thanks to Emily for taking our updated family pictures.  I am seriously in LOVE!! Especially the ones of Jonny and Naomi.  Can't get much cuter!

Christmas Eve at Pizza Hut!

Naomi opening her very first gift!

Christmas morning with Grandma Lynnie

organized chaos
exploring the caves

planking with nephews on the back

sewing project = baby maxi!

Here are our updated family photos taken by my awesome, talented, amazing sister in law, Ems!  THANKS again!

my fave for sure

I love my family.  Thanks for the great times in Florida. :)


So here is my catch up post.  It will include everything that has happened the last 2 months... Here it goes!

*Naomi is 5 months old
*In Size 2 diapers
*She started to sit up by herself for a few seconds at a time but definitely could not have been left alone while sitting up.
*She learned where her thumb was but still wasn't all that interested in sucking on it.  When it did end up in her mouth, it was only there for a few seconds and then she was onto something different.
*She wore her first shirt (that wasn't a onesie) thanks to her cougar fan, Bailey!  She loved it and so did dad even though I got some grief from my Utah friends. :)
*She LOVES the mirror!  I think she thinks she is looking at a friend or something.  Anyway, we found out quickly, that was a way to calm her down if needed.
*She still falls asleep in her swing.  But she is starting to get to big because she can reach up to the mobile above her head and pull on the animals.  Little stinker.
*Put her in her door jam jumper for the first time and didn't mind it but didn't love it.  Hopefully she will like it soon!  Super blurry pic, Sorry!
*Started to ween off of nursing because I just wasn't producing enough anymore.  Saddest thing ever!  But Naomi didn't skip a beat and is still growing strong.  The first day I ever gave her a bottle, she was able to hold it on her own!  Where is my baby going?!?
*She is really starting to get a hold of the whole rolling thing.  She is now able to go back to front and front to back pretty easily.  However, she doesn't roll much in her sleep so I am able to put a blanket on top of her at night and her wake up with it still on.
*She has also been to a few volleyball tournaments already and is the BEST baby ever.  She sleeps through the noise, she isn't too needy (yet!) and she lets anyone and everyone hold her (ask me in a few years if I still like that).
*She loves all our players we coach and they adore her too.  But who wouldn't right? :)
*She is spoiled rotten but I don't care.
*And to top off the month of Jaunary, she got her very first car from Miss Molly!!

*I also randomly get pictures of the people that watch her and it has to be one of my favorite parts of the day.  Who wouldn't want to get cute selfies from this babe!?

Saturday, December 7, 2013


My side of the family took off a little bit before Thanksgiving but Jonny's parents stayed.  Yay!  Last year Jonny's parents and Jonny and I went to Branson.  This year we wanted to but things would be a little more difficult with a baby so we decided to just stay here.  Thursday we cooked dinner and then cleaned up to go shopping.  Naomi LOVED "Black Thursday?" shopping as does her mom.  She was strapped onto me in a baby bjorn and people watched the whole time.  She zonked once we hit the car.  I wish I would have taken a picture but I didn't even think of it until after we had already left. 

Friday morning, I would have loved to get up early and go shopping but a couple reasons: 1.) didn't really do my research, 2.) there are no stores in Russellville, and 3.) sleep is too precious these days.  Instead, Jonny and Jon got up and went golfing and Lynnette and I slept in and then went to Hobby Lobby and got material to make some headbands.  I wish I was better and more motivated to sew because while Lynnette was here, she made a blessing dress plus two other church dresses and 5 headbands, 3 for me and 2 for my cousins baby, Ivy.  I wish I was better. :/  one day maybe...

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving...


Naomi's first Thanksgiving!

Family time

Just wanted to post a few pictures from when our family was here.

We took a trip up to Mt. Nebo, which in Utahians eyes, is more like Hill Nebo but still.  It was very pretty and there were a lot of fall colors which were so pretty. 

Missing is Chelsea, Naomi and my mom because the two little ones were asleep in the car so my mom stayed with them.  Ps look how absolutely gorgeous my little niece Lexi is!